Open Targets Platform

The Open Targets Platform is a freely available resource for the integration of genetics, omics and chemical data to aid systematic drug target identification and prioritisation. The Platform provides summaries of the evidence (e.g. germline variants, somatic mutations, pathways, drugs) for the involvement of a specific gene with a selected disease. It supports disease and target centric workflows, displays the evidence for target-disease associations, as well as profiles of relevant target and disease annotations. The Platform is open-source with the data available for download and the code available on GitHub. Please see Carvalho-Silva et al. 2019 for more information on the Platform features and scoring methodologies.

Getting started with the Platform

The Platform assists with target identification and prioritisation by scoring target-disease associations based on our data sources. Our association score ranges from 0 to 1, the latter represents the strongest association, and it is calculated based on the confidence levels in the evidence.

To start using the Platform, you can search for a disease name, a gene name or symbol, or a protein name or symbol. You can also search for synonyms and abbreviations of genes (e.g. p53) and diseases (e.g. AD for Alzheimers disease) and Ensembl or EFO IDs (e.g. ENSG00000091831).

To learn more about the Platform, you can watch our video walkthroughs on YouTube or read our documentation.

Meet the Platform Team

The Open Targets Platform Core Team is an experienced group of individuals with specialised skills in bioinformatics, computer science, web development, user experience design, and scientific outreach and training.

Photo of Babatomiwa Adebiyi
Babatomiwa Adebiyi

Intern - Data Team

Photo of Jarrod Baker
Jarrod Baker

Software Developer

Photo of Miguel Carmona
Miguel Carmona

Technical Team Lead

Photo of Denise Carvalho-Silva
Denise Carvalho-Silva

Scientific Outreach Lead

Photo of Javier Ferrer
Javier Ferrer

Software Developer

Photo of Luca Fumis
Luca Fumis

Software Developer

Photo of Asier Gonzalez
Asier Gonzalez


Photo of Andrew Hercules
Andrew Hercules

Product Design & Strategy Lead

Photo of Cinzia Malangone
Cinzia Malangone

Software Developer

Photo of Alfredo Miranda
Alfredo Miranda

Software Developer

Photo of David Ochoa
David Ochoa

Platform Coordinator

Photo of Arwa Raies
Arwa Raies

Postdoctoral Fellow

Photo of Olesya Razuvayevskaya
Olesya Razuvayevskaya

Postdoctoral Fellow

Photo of Daniel Suveges
Daniel Suveges

Data Team Lead

Photo of Nicole Toft
Nicole Toft

Intern - Data Team

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