The Open Targets Platform is a comprehensive, open source research tool that supports systematic identification and prioritisation of potential therapeutic drug targets. The Platform integrates publicly available datasets and data generated by Open Targets to build and score target-disease associations. It also includes relevant annotation information about targets, diseases, phenotypes, and drugs.

To get started with the Platform, you can:

If you have a question about how to use the Open Targets Platform, want to report a bug or submit a feature request, or are interested in booking a training session, contact us through our Community page.

Meet the Platform Team

The Open Targets Platform Core Team is an experienced group of individuals with specialised skills in bioinformatics, computer science, web development, user experience design, and scientific outreach and training.

Photo of Manuel Bernal Llinares
Manuel Bernal Llinares

Technical Project Lead

Photo of Annalisa Buniello
Annalisa Buniello

Product Manager

Photo of Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz

Senior Web Developer and Front End Lead

Photo of Ricardo Esteban Martinez Osorio
Ricardo Esteban Martinez Osorio

Full Stack Developer

Photo of Javier Ferrer
Javier Ferrer

Backend Software Developer

Photo of James Hayhurst
James Hayhurst

Software Developer

Photo of Irene Lopez
Irene Lopez


Photo of Graham McNeill
Graham McNeill

Web Developer

Photo of Chintan Mehta
Chintan Mehta

Web developer

Photo of David Ochoa
David Ochoa

Platform Coordinator

Photo of Daniel Suveges
Daniel Suveges

Data team Lead

Photo of Kirill Tsukanov
Kirill Tsukanov

Senior Bioinformatician

Photo of Prashant Uniyal
Prashant Uniyal

Project Manager