Open Targets brings together a team with expertise from academia and pharma, pulling together skills from a wide range of disciplines including bioinformatics, computer science, web development, human genetics, functional genomics and operations. Our Executive Leadership Team and our Scientific Leadership Team determine the strategic and scientific vision for the consortium and our Strategy and Operations Team provide the necessary support to facilitate the vision and its implementation across our partners.

Our Platform Team and our Genetics Team are responsible for maintaining our informatics resources and tools while our Project Teams conduct experimental and informatics research and our Validation Lab Team takes targets identified from these projects and guides them through further screens to assess suitability for drug discovery programmes.

And our Scientific Advisory Board are a group of well-known individuals from academia and industry that make recommendations to further the sucess of our partnership.

Executive Leadership Team

The Open Targets Executive Leadership Team (ELT) provides strategic direction for the partnership, engages with potential new partners, and oversees the awarding of project grants.

Photo of David Hulcoop
David Hulcoop

Executive Director

Photo of Gosia Trynka
Gosia Trynka

Scientific Director

Photo of Ellen McDonagh
Ellen McDonagh

Translational Informatics Director

Photo of Birgit Kerber
Birgit Kerber

Business Development Lead

Scientific Leadership Team

The Open Targets Scientific Leadership Team (SLT) is compromised of representatives from every partner and is responsible for setting the scientific priorities for the consortium and approving experimental and informatics research project proposals.

Photo of Jason Arroyo
Jason Arroyo

Pfizer Scientific Lead

Photo of Hayley Francies
Hayley Francies

GSK Scientific Lead

Photo of Mathew Garnett
Mathew Garnett

Sanger Institute Scientific Lead

Photo of Xinli Hu
Xinli Hu

Pfizer Scientific Lead

Photo of Donald Jackson
Donald Jackson

Sanofi Scientific Lead

Photo of Jozsef Karman
Jozsef Karman

MSD Scientific Lead

Photo of Shameer Khader
Shameer Khader

Sanofi Scientific Lead

Photo of Maria Martin
Maria Martin

EMBL-EBI Scientific Lead

Photo of Mark McCarthy
Mark McCarthy

Genentech Scientific Lead

Photo of Evangelia Petsalaki
Evangelia Petsalaki

EMBL-EBI Scientific Lead

Photo of Federica Piccioni
Federica Piccioni

MSD Scientific Lead

Photo of Orit Rozenblatt-Rosen
Orit Rozenblatt-Rosen

Genentech Scientific Lead

Photo of Daniel Seaton
Daniel Seaton

GSK Scientific Lead

Photo of Roser Vento-Tormo
Roser Vento-Tormo

Sanger Institute Scientific Lead

Project Teams

Through our experimental and informatics research programmes, we have funded more that 90 research positions within the institutes that we work with and formed teams that engaged many more scientists across industry and academia to improve target identification and prioritisation.

Strategy and Operations Team

The Strategy and Operations Team manages our project portfolio, oversees scientific operations and communications, and works with the Executive Leadership Team to develop and implement overall strategy. Our Senior Administrator also provides day-to-day support for senior management.

Photo of Megan Bennett
Megan Bennett

Executive Administrator

Photo of Helena Cornu
Helena Cornu

Communications Lead

Photo of Jessica East
Jessica East

Senior Research Manager

Photo of Matt Knight
Matt Knight

Executive Administrator

Photo of Paris Litterick
Paris Litterick

Senior Administrator

Photo of Sarah Young Hendrickson
Sarah Young Hendrickson

Data and Operations Manager

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

  • 2024 - with additional member(s) TBD

  • John Doench

    Director of Research and Development in the Genetic Perturbation Platform

    Broad Institute

  • Barbara Engelhardt

    Prof of Biomedical Data Science

    Stanford University

  • Michael Inouye

    Director of Research at Dept of Public Health & Primary Care

    Cambridge University

  • Olivia Rossanese

    Head of Division and Team Leader

    The Institute of Cancer Research