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Visit the Open Targets Platform which integrates public domain data to enable target identification and prioritisation, or the Open Targets Genetics Portal which identifies targets based on GWAS and functional genomics. We complement data integration with large scale systematic experimental approaches to support target identification, prioritisation and validation. Check out our latest papers describing our experimental target identification approaches in oncology, neurodegeneration, and immunity and inflammation.


Open Targets Welcomes Ellen McDonagh as New Informatics Science Director

Monday 27 April 2020 | Cambridge, UK

Open Targets is delighted to announce that Ellen (Ellie) McDonagh is joining the Open Targets Executive Team as Informatics Science Director.

The Open Targets informatics research programme focusses on bringing together the various, relevant data on targets to allow simple and seamless exploration by drug discovery scientists. We cover many data types relevant to human disease biology and target identification using the expertise from Open Targets partners and beyond. Ellen will oversee and further develop this programme as part of the Open Targets Executive Team.

Ellen joins us from Genomics England where she was the Head of Curation and Pharmacogenomics and helped pioneer a crowd-sourcing platform (PanelApp) for the expert review and curation of gene panels and led projects to expand the scope of information analysed in patient genomes.

Alongside her role within Open Targets, she will continue to sit on the Science and Industry Advisory Board (SIAB) for ELIXIR-UK and the Steering Committee for The UK Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine Network, and will continue as a member of the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium.

Our Partners

At the heart of Open Targets is a consortium of complementary partner institutions that bring their respective expertise to collabortive projects that improve how we systematically identify and prioritise drug targets.

Our Principles

A systematic approach

Systematically identify and prioritise the best targets to safely and effectively treat rare and common diseases

Rapid publication

We are committed to rapid publication and making data, methods and results publicly available as soon as possible

Open collaboration

We believe in non-exclusive partnerships that foster the free exchange of ideas, expertise, and data

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