Open Targets Genetics is an open source, comprehensive tool that aggregates human GWAS and functional genomics data including gene expression, protein abundance, chromatin interaction and conformation data from a wide range of cell types and tissues to make robust connections between GWAS-associated loci, variants and likely causal genes. This enables systematic identification and prioritisation of likely causal variants and genes across all published trait-associated loci.

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Meet the Genetics Team

The Genetics Core Team focuses on using human genetics data to guide therapeutic target identification and prioritisation, inform drug repositioning and predict toxicity effects. The team also maintains the Genetics portal, a first of its kind tool that enables users to browse, visualise and interpret human genetics and genomics data to unravel the genetic underpinnings of human diseases and traits and to give insights into disease biology so that this knowledge gets translated into therapeutic hypothesis.

Photo of Bruno Ariano
Bruno Ariano

Senior Bioinformatician

Photo of Daniel Considine
Daniel Considine

Computational Biologist

Photo of Ricardo Esteban Martinez Osorio
Ricardo Esteban Martinez Osorio

Full Stack Developer

Photo of Xiangyu (Jack) Ge
Xiangyu (Jack) Ge

Statistical Geneticist

Photo of Maya Ghoussaini
Maya Ghoussaini

Genetic Analysis Team Leader

Photo of Yakov Tsepilov
Yakov Tsepilov

Senior Statistical Geneticist