Gene expression in cytokine-polarized CD4+ T cells

Figure 1.A. - Overview of the experimental design
Figure 1.B. - Graphical representation of conclusion of paper

This page contains the data generated in the study "Single-cell transcriptomics identifies an effectorness gradient shaping the response of CD4+ T cells to cytokines". For a detailed explanation of the study and the approaches for data generation, please refer to our publication:

Cano-Gamez et al, 2020

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Count tables

  • Bulk RNA-sequencing: Raw counts per gene per sample obtained from RNA-sequencing and feature quantification (i.e. STAR and featureCounts)
  • Quantitative proteomics: Relative protein abundances per gene per sample as inferred from mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)
  • Single-cell RNA-sequencing: UMI counts per gene per cell obtained scRNA-seq (10X 3’ v2) and feature quantification (i.e. cellranger)

Data visualisations and interactive web applications


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