Please note that some applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and the advertised post(s) may be filled before the stated deadline.

Postdoctoral Fellow

An EMBL-EBI contract - closing date: 4 April 2019

We are seeking to recruit a Postdoctoral Fellow for a position in the Thornton Research Group at EMBL-EBI. You will work closely with Open Targets to identify gene signatures for Alzheimer’s disease progression phenotypes, but the approach will also be extended to other diseases. You will analyse datasets and develop new methods for signature derivation and also applications to specific diseases. This will address the challenging problem of how we diagnose diseases and identify their causes and possible therapeutics. Your methods will directly contribute to the data production pipelines of the Expression Atlas, which is one of EBI’s core open resources. … [read more]

Machine Learning / Text Mining Scientist

An EMBL-EBI contract - closing date: 8 April 2019

We are seeking to recruit an expert with experience in entity recognition, NLP and machine learning to work on text mining workflows within the Open Targets Platform. This position will be located within the Literature Services Team at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI). This position will focus on the extraction of target-disease associations from abstracts and full text publications available in Europe PMC, for consumption by the Open Targets Platform, improving the precision and recall of existing workflows and extending the extraction of concepts to other entities such as drugs or mutations. … [read more]

Postdoctoral Fellow - Complex Disease Genetics

A Wellcome Sanger Institute contract - closing date: 21 April 2019

Applications are invited for a 3-year Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Wellcome Sanger Institute based jointly in the teams of Dr. Carl Anderson (Human Genetics Programme, and Dr. Maya Ghoussaini (Open Targets). This is an exciting opportunity for you to bring together cutting-edge genetic and genomic datasets to identify novel candidate therapeutic targets for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). During this fellowship, you will lead a collaborative project to build a causal evidence base for every gene within IBD associated GWAS loci. Your affiliation with the Ghoussaini Team will bring access to the massive cross-disease genetic and genomic datasets aggregated by Open Targets and presented in their web-based resources - the Open Targets Platform and the Open Targets Genetics Portal. As a member of the Anderson group, you will also have access to the latest large-scale genetic association data for IBD. … [read more]

Postdoctoral Fellow - Single Cell Genomics

A Wellcome Sanger Institute contract - closing date: 21 April 2019

Applications are invited for a 3-year Postdoctoral Fellowship within the Genomics of Inflammation and Immunity group at the Wellcome Sanger Institute (WSI), headed by Dr. Carl Anderson ( The project will generate single-cell transcriptomic data from intestinal biopsies obtained from 300 healthy individuals undergoing colonoscopy. All individuals will also be genotyped, with the goal of combining these datasets to map eQTLs across the more than forty different cell-types in the gut. The results from these analyses will then be combined with our detailed maps of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) risk loci (and other gastrointestinal diseases) to identify genes that are dysregulated to bring about disease. The ultimate goal of the research is thus to improve our basic knowledge of IBD pathogenesis and identify novel candidate drug targets for treating disease. … [read more]

Senior Bioinformatician - Cancer Dependency Map Analytics

A Wellcome Sanger Institute contract - closing date: 21 April 2019

The Wellcome Sanger Institute is seeking an experienced Bioinformatician to join the the Cancer Dependency Map Analytics team and provide computational analysis for the new international Cancer Dependency Map consortium, whose broad goal is to identify vulnerabilities and dependencies that could be exploited therapeutically in every cancer cell. This is an exciting opportunity to work at one of the world’s leading genomic centres at the forefront of genomic research. You will have access to Sanger’s computational resources, including a 15000+ core computational cluster, the largest in life science research in Europe, and multiple petabytes of high-speed cluster file systems. … [read more]