Please note that some applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and the advertised post(s) may be filled before the stated deadline.

Faculty position with Open Targets

A Wellcome Sanger Institute contract - closing date: 31 October 2019

Open Targets at The Wellcome Genome Campus is seeking an exceptional mid-career stage scientist to join its Core Faculty to lead a research team for Open Targets and contribute to the Institute’s scientific portfolio. Positions carry a significant core package of salary and benefits as well as support backed by rewarding and flexible employment terms including many family friendly initiatives. Our exceptional core funding enables faculty to focus their energy on science. [read more]

Senior Research Assistant - Open Targets

A Wellcome Sanger Institute contract - closing date: 3 November 2019

The Garnett lab aims to identify new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of cancer by combining the use of advanced tissue cultures models, genetics, and functional genomics approaches. We are now seeking a senior research assistant (SRA) to join our team working on an exciting new project in the field of immuno-oncology. This project aims to discover the mechanisms that can modulate the reactivity of T-cells to the tumour. [read more]

Postdoctoral Fellow - Functional Genomics

A Wellcome Sanger Institute contract - closing date: 3 November 2019

We are looking to appoint a computational postdoctoral fellow in functional genomics to work with Emma Davenport and Gosia Trynka’s groups at the Wellcome Sanger Institute. As part of an interdisciplinary team of experimentalists, clinical and industry collaborators you will lead an exciting project to map expression quantitative trait loci using large scale single cell RNA-seq data generated from 500 healthy and immune disease patients (sceQTLs). Our goal is to accelerate drug discovery by integrating immune disease GWAS (Genome-wide associations studies) variants with the sceQTLs maps generated in this project to identify the most promising therapeutic targets for follow up by the industry partners working closely with us. [read more]

Postdoctoral Fellowship - Statistical Genetics

A Wellcome Sanger Institute contract - closing date: 10 November 2019

Applications are invited for a 3-year Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Wellcome Sanger Institute based jointly in the teams of Dr. Carl Anderson (Human Genetics Programme, and Dr. Maya Ghoussaini (Open Targets). This is an exciting opportunity for you to bring together cutting-edge genetic and genomic datasets to identify novel candidate therapeutic targets for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). During this fellowship, you will lead a collaborative project to build a causal evidence base for every gene within IBD associated GWAS loci. Your affiliation with the Ghoussaini Team will bring access to the massive cross-disease genetic and genomic datasets aggregated by Open Targets and presented in their web-based portals ( and As a member of the Anderson group, you will also have access to the latest large-scale genetic association data for IBD. [read more]