The Open Targets team at our 5 year anniversary celebration in June 2019

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Open Targets is based on the stunning Wellcome Genome Campus, home to some of the world's foremost institutes and organisations in genomics and computational biology. We work in dynamic teams at the interface of academic and pharma industry science on a crucial problem, how to be more successful in making drugs. Working with us, you will be exposed to new technologies and a dynamic set of scientists dedicated to translational research.

Our posts are usually in either one of our academic partners, The Wellcome Sanger Institute or EMBL-EBI and have terms and conditions associated with the employer.

Important note: applications may be reviewed on an ongoing basis and the advertised post(s) may be filled before the stated deadline.

Senior Database Curator - Cancer Genetics

Application closing date: 15 July 2020

We are seeking a motivated and experienced scientist in cancer molecular biology and genetics to lead the expansion and curation of the Cancer Gene Census at the Wellcome Sanger Institute within COSMIC, a database of genetic mutations in cancer, a major resource in cancer research, widely used across informatics, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries. This is an exciting position within the COSMIC team, where you will have the opportunity to explore & interpret a wide range of literature, database and analytic resources to create a complete landscape of genetic dysfunctions across all cancer types and explain which molecular mechanisms are most important in development of these diseases. Our first aim is to expand the Cancer Gene Census with new genes, and to generate full descriptive coverage of all Census genes with evidence of oncogenic activity. The Cancer Gene Census is frequently cited in publications and regularly used as a key data source in cancer genome analytics an...

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Postdoctoral Fellowship - Statistical Genetics

Application closing date: 15 July 2020

Applications are invited for a 3-year Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Wellcome Sanger Institute based jointly in the teams of Dr. Carl Anderson (Human Genetics Programme) and Dr. Maya Ghoussaini (Open Targets). This is an exciting opportunity for you to bring together cutting-edge genetic and genomic datasets to identify novel candidate therapeutic targets for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). During this fellowship, you will lead a collaborative project to build a causal evidence base for every gene within IBD associated GWAS loci. As a member of the Anderson group, you will also have access to the latest large-scale genetic association data for IBD, alongside functional genomics datasets derived from disease-relevant tissue in health and disease (single-cell RNA-seq and ATAC-seq). Your affiliation with the Ghoussaini Team will bring access to the massive cross-disease genetic and genomic datasets aggregated by Open Targets and presented in the Platform and Genetics Portal.

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Bioinformatician/Senior Bioinformatician

Application closing date: 22 July 2020

We are looking for a highly motivated Bioinformatician/Senior Bioinformatician to contribute to the development of the analysis pipelines behind EMBL-EBI’s Expression Atlas and particularly the Single Cell Expression Atlas, an added-value database providing information about gene expression in single cells across different cell types, tissues and conditions, across all species. You will develop, maintain and deploy robust analysis pipelines for single cell RNA-seq. You will participate in collaborative projects aiming to add value to large cell atlas datasets by implementing cell type annotation and cell type deconvolution strategies. In addition, you will also be contributing to the maintenance and running of our bulk RNA-Seq pipelines for our existing service Expression Atlas.

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Application closing date: 28 July 2020

We are seeking an enthusiastic Bioinformatician to join the Open Targets Core Team and contribute to the development of the Open Targets Platform. As a member of the Data team within the Core team, your role will involve the integration and analysis of the most relevant data sources, as well as building the appropriate models for integrating and scoring targets-disease associations. A good understanding of the biological questions that surround the drug discovery hypothesis is highly recommended. The role also involves collaborating closely with data providers across the Open Targets consortia, and demonstrating initiative in the development and refinement of suitable data feeds. Supported by a team of software developers, the candidate is expected to leverage the more than 50 data sources we integrate in the Open Targets Platform, in order to better identify and prioritise targets. Manipulating files representing nested biological data will be a routine part of the role.

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Outreach Officer

Application closing date: 30 July 2020

We are seeking an enthusiastic and motivated person to join our team as Outreach Officer. You will represent the Open Targets consortium and brand via social media, blog posts, newsletters, videos, press releases, online profiling, and ensure training material is up-to-date, to provide a professional, vibrant and consistent approach to Open Targets communications. You will also represent Open Targets at key onsite (Industry Programme meetings) and offsite conferences and training events.

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Project Manager

Application closing date: 31 July 2020

We are seeking an enthusiastic, motivated individual to provide project management and operational support for the Open Targets Core team. You will support the ongoing delivery of the Open Targets Platform and Genetics Portal, helping the team build and execute development roadmaps, manage releases and ensure the team’s deliverables are executed on time, and risks are managed effectively. You will also be responsible for the Open Targets service desk for queries and requests regarding the platform, as well as carrying out some QC to support releases.

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Principal Bioinformatician

Application closing date: 2 August 2020

We are looking for a Principal Bioinformatician to be based at the Wellcome Sanger Institute to provide computational support to our cutting-edge science within the Experimental Programme of Open Targets. This exciting opportunity will involve working with world-leading experts from both academia and industry to advance our understanding of disease causal processes to accelerate development of new therapies.

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